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Get Information About Schools (GIAS)

Get Information About Schools: Governor, academy members or academy trustee information record

The DfE requests the following information from those who govern in schools to be uploaded to Get Information About Schools (GIAS) – an online register of all schools and colleges in England.

[Maintained schools only] The requested information is provided by governors on a voluntary basis – there is no statutory requirement for governors in maintained schools to supply information to the governing board; however, any information provided by members of the governing board must be shared with the Secretary of State via GIAS. 

[Academies only] The requirements for trustees and local governing board members to comply with the information requested is set out in Section 4.7.4 of the Academies Financial Handbook which says:

“The trust must notify the DfE of the appointment or vacating of the positions of:

  • member, trustee and local governor
  • chair of trustees, chairs of local governing bodies, accounting officer and chief financial officer, including direct contact details

Notification must be made through the governance section of GIAS which is accessed via Secure Access. All fields specified for the named individuals must be completed.”

This template can be used by the clerk to governors or company secretary to store information which is supplied by individual governors, and held by the governing board, for upload to the database.