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Playground Pals

Our first project as a school council was to look at where children felt safe and unsafe in school.

Our councillors took all the questions back to their classes and worked with them to look at where and why problems might arise and cause them to feel lees happy in school.

One area that came up more than once was that the playground could be somewhere that children felt lonely, and that they did not always have someone to talk to or play with.

As a council we met and discussed ways this could be improved. We decided to try and start playground pals. This is a scheme whereby some of our older children would be trained to be a good friend to others on the playground and given responsibility to be on duty for a set lunchtime during the week. This was to encourage children to help each other as the councillors thought that sometimes children want to talk to other children and not always a dinner supervisor.

All of our children had to apply to become a Playground Pal and had to describe why they would make a good playground pal and the qualities someone would need to have to be a good pal in the playground.

Our children have risen to the challenge exceptionally well and are always seen out on duty at lunchtime.

We are now in our second year of running the playground pal scheme and have over 26 children in year 5 volunteered to be a playground pal.

Well done to all of our children for helping to make our playground a safer more inviting place to be.