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Heatwave - Advice to parents

Dear Parents/Carers

It is going to continue to be super hot over this week and next. As a country we are experiencing unusual high temperatures which we are not used to.  Please ensure your children are prepared. 

Always remember:

1. SLOP on at least factor 3 sun cream over any part of the body not covered by clothing .... don't forget the tops of your ears?!  We would ask you to apply this to your children before they come to school if they are unable to apply it themselves please.

2. SLIP on a T-shirt to cover your shoulders.

3. SLAP on a named sun hat.

4. WRAP on sun glasses to protect your eyes.

And as always drink plenty!!!  We would recommend that all children have a named refillable water bottle with them in school every day during the summer months please.

We are also assessing our school and how we can adapt provision to best meet the needs of all pupils. Our staff are aware and fully prepared to protect our children indoors during these periods of high temperatures. Therefore we will;

  • open windows as early as possible in the morning before children arrive

  • almost close windows when the outdoor air becomes warmer than the air indoors – this should help keep the heat out while allowing adequate ventilation

  • close indoor blinds or curtains, but make sure that they do not block window ventilation

  • keep the use of electric lighting to a minimum

  • switch off all electrical equipment, including computers, monitors and printers when not in use 

  • if possible, use those classrooms or other spaces which are less likely to overheat, and adjust the layout of teaching spaces to avoid direct sunlight on children

  • fans can be used to increase air movement in each of the classes

  • encourage children to eat normally and drink plenty of cool water

  • Stop the use of football at break/ lunch times

If it gets too hot, we will continue to make the decision on the day, to stay out of the sun. 


We have also looked at how we can best protect our children if/ when outside during periods of high temperature. Therefore we will make sure that; 

  • children should not take part in vigorous physical activity on very hot days, therefore, PE sessions may be adapted or stopped

  • encourage children playing outdoors to stay in the shade as much as possible

  • provide children with plenty of water (such as water from a cold tap) and encourage them to drink more than usual when conditions are hot

  • Shorten the lunch hour so that children are not subject to spending long periods of time outside

  • Supply water stations round the school so children can access water at all times

We have also decided that to allow children to move freely and not feel so restricted, children can wear loose, light coloured PE kit until further notice and sunhats with wide brims to avoid sunburn. 


Please click on the link for further information from the government website: 


Let's be safe and enjoy the sunshine.