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Highlees & Eyrescroft

Federation Vision Statement 

Highlees and Eyrescroft Federation Vision Statement - January 2018

Welcome to Highlees and Eyrescroft Federation. Working in partnership, Highlees and Eyrescroft primary schools are able to build on and maximise the strengths of both schools whilst maintaining the unique personalities that each school has to offer.

Both Academies are proud members of the Elliot Foundation and together we are committed to working with children, families and the local community. We pride ourselves on supporting  and inspiring children to be successful in their learning, confident individuals and responsible citizens, whilst striving to improving outcomes for every child and developing the skills and values needed for the 21st Century.

This year both schools are focused on improving outcomes for pupils. We aim to achieve this by developing; Assessment, Teaching and Learning and Leadership.

The focus on key skills in English and Maths are a priority, there is a commitment to deliver this though the curriculum. The introduction of Success for All this year in both schools is supporting our young learners address gaps in their learning in English. The continued support from the Elliot Foundation Academy Trust and local partners are supporting both schools to raise standards and see an improvement in the published school data at the end of the year.

Both Highlees and Eyrescroft are fortunate to have a dedicated team of staff who are enthusiastic about, and committed to the children in their school.  Both schools have high aspirations and expectations of every child.  We recognise that our children get one chance for an education and we are determined to ensure the education they receive makes the positive impact that is needed.

I would be delighted to welcome you to visit Highlees and Eyrescroft and will happily answer any questions personally.


Mrs Emma Ward

Executive Principal