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Wellbeing Award For Schools

We did it!! Thank you to all our school community for working so hard to achieve this award.

On behalf of Optimus Education Congratulations Highlees Primary School on successfully completing the Wellbeing Award for Schools.


Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS)

This is an award to promote emotional wellbeing and mental health across our school. You can find out more about this award here. This award focuses on creating a better environment for the whole school. It will help us to deliver staff and pupil wellbeing. This award will ensure that mental health and wellbeing sit at the heart of our school life.

KPI 1.2 Statement of Commitment

After discussion with the representatives of those responsible for governance within The
Elliot Foundation Academies Trust and the senior leadership team, Highlees Primary School
is committed to working towards the Wellbeing Award for Schools. They will ensure that
wellbeing and mental health sit at the heart of the school community and in doing so will:

  • create a clear strategy that promotes and protects wellbeing and mental health for


  • encourage collaboration with the whole school community, championing wellbeing

and mental health as the responsibility of all

  • create and embed supportive, reflective networks which 'live' our TEFAT values and

facilitate positive change for wellbeing and mental health

  • train staff to equip them to support pupil wellbeing and mental health effectively

Sharon Edwards, Family Support Worker and Learning Mentor will be the Wellbeing Award
for Schools coordinator and will work collaboratively with an identified Change Team within
the school/s. It is recognised that the co-ordinator and members of the change team will
need to be supported to fulfil this important work, including ensuring they have sufficient
capacity and resources to do so.

For Information on Health and Wellbeing please visit Our Health and Wellbeing page.

Meet Our Change Team

The Highlees Wellbeing Champions roles and responsibilities within the school are to help promote the 5 ways of wellbeing. These are; 

  • Keep active

  • Take notice

  • Connect

  • Keep learning

  • Give

By having a pupil voice in helping the school to be emotionally healthy and to help other children in the school to get support from an adult if needed, the champions will be responsible for the wellbeing board within the school. The Wellbeing board will have information about the 5 core ways to promote wellbeing and how to be emotionally healthy.

It is important to help the school to understand what children need in order to stay emotionally healthy. By being involved in emotional wellbeing activities in school, for example, participating in assemblies about emotions, or sharing pictures and stories, will help other children to understand their emotions and feelings. Being in the wellbeing champions team, the children will be helping each other by going to meetings to talk about being emotionally healthy in school, they will feed back from the whole class and share further information back and forth.

Our Highlees Wellbeing Champions

Mrs Allen is the lead on this as part of her role in the Well-being team.