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Our Federation Eyrescroft Primary School
Highlees Primary School

Primary School

Bringing out the Best

Who's Who

Adults in our School

Executive Principal: Mrs Sue Lane
Head of School: Mrs Melissa Albert
Assistant Head of School : Mr Tom Claxton
SENCo: Mr Tom Claxton

Progress and Attainment Leaders: Mrs Victoria Cadman, Mrs Luisa Freeman, Mrs Hannah Boothdale and Mr Gareth Thomas

Office & Site Staff

Business Manager: Mrs Victoria Brown
Site Manager: Mr Matthew Sanderson
Federation HR Manager: Mrs Sara Forrest
Office Manager: Miss Sara Hamlet

Office Staff: Mrs Lisa Williams, Mrs Heather Hemsworth


Key Stage 1

Mrs Victoria Cadman: Reception Lead
Mrs Michelle Frith/ Mrs Rebecca Yates: Reception 
Miss Laura Thurley: Year 1 
Mrs Rebecca Wade: Year 1 
Mrs Luisa Freeman: Year 2 
Mr Robson: Year 2 

Key Stage 2

Mrs Hannah Boothdale: Year 3 
Mrs Julie Bennett: Year 3 
Ms Alexandra Cooper: Year 4
Mrs Sharon Palmer: Year 4
Miss Eleanor Hills: Year 5 
Miss Natasha Nicholls: Year 5 
Miss Maja Celebicanin: Year 6
Mr Gareth Thomas: Year 6 
Mrs Susan Hallam: Intervention Teacher
Megan Powell: Forest School Teacher

Teaching Assistants 

We have a great team of teaching assistants, who support our teachers throughout the school and offer care and understanding to all our children in school.

Mrs Janet Moss

Mrs Mumtaz Alibhai

Mrs Paula Metharam

Mrs Michelle McLoughlin

Mrs Jasvindar Kaur Singh

Mrs Sarah Temple

Mrs Lisa Davies

Mrs Lisa Leedell

Mrs Judita Kairiene

Miss Zoe Baker

Mrs Kerstie Papworth

Mrs Lorna Cole

Mrs Tanya Makengo

Miss Janette Jarvis

Mrs Lucy Aldous
Mrs Sara Darr

Miss Janette Jarvis

Mrs Sally Allen - HLTA

Mrs Sharon Edwards - HLTA
Mrs Suzette Weston - HLTA and SEND
Mrs Louise Sharp - ICT Technician

Pastoral Team


Mrs Sharon Edwards - Family Support Worker and Attendance Officer


Midday Supervisors

The lunchtime team supervise lunchtimes and make sure the children have plenty of activities to enjoy, creating a happy environment for the children. They ensure lunchtimes are run smoothly yet energetically.

Our Midday Supervisor team are:
Mrs Tanya Makengo: Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sarah Temple
Mrs Lorna Cole
Mrs Sharon Edwards
Mrs Paula Metharam
Mrs Mumtaz Alibhai
Mrs Lisa Leedell
Mrs Sharyn Moses

Miss Edyta Stobienia

Mrs Marion Carroll

Miss Helen Hill

Miss Dorothy Pisani

Mrs Jane Barnsley

Mrs Emma Andrews

Mrs Danielle Mees